10 - What Is There

Bound to an oath, riding out a debt , always coming sideways, never that direct. Diving off the deep end, over all our heads, new kind of living, you wanted this instead. Kill em with a look, exercise the right, lightly make adjustments, a little lemon in the rye. Yawning at authority, wasting no one’s time, investigate the truth, never gonna lie. Wisdom in a silence, infinitely prime, leveling the scales, loving on a dime. I will find you in another life, as if that could exist, maybe you should take my place, maybe after I’m dead.Joined in the order, offering a prayer, nap time’s getting shorter, Agnes doesn’t care. Tell another story, how you were in a band, Austin to Australia, New York to Neverland. If it’s one more record, let it play on forever. Keep flipping the B-side to the A. May it remain in our memory, the joy we found in the journey, never needed to get there anyway. but what is there?