Matthew Logan Vasquez here! This is the last week to Pre-order the 'Solicitor Returns' vinyl! If you get your order in by Thursday you won't have to wait until March to get it. Go to to order and get tickets to my upcoming US/UK/EU tours.

Matthew Logan Vasquez here! My vinyl just got in! You can pre-order the vinyl and get tickets to my tour at Solicitor Returns available 2/9

KUTX » Matthew Logan Vasquez, Michael Kingcaid, Kevin Sekhani

In the week after the deaths of Paul Ray, David Bowie and Alan Rickman, “This Song” goes spiritual as Delta Spirit’s Matthew Logan Vasquez explains how Bob Dylan’s “To Ramona” helped him grapple with agnosticism. Then, Michael Kingcaid from What Made Milwaukee Famous explains why Queen and David B…

Matthew Logan Vasquez here. I had a fun time chatting about my favorite Dylan song "to Ramona" a little while back on KUTX in Austin. here is the link.