09 - Just the Same

I think back to the night we met, we weren’t looking for love, just looking for a friend. And you drove me home with a beer between your legs, you said you hated your life, and you wanted to get away, and I loved you just the same. It was 4am and you parked your car, and I had no intentions of taking it too far, but you reached out your hand, then I pushed it away, and I leaned over your seat, and I kissed you anyway. And you kissed me back like you had something to prove, well it was a fleeting moment, but it felt so true, and I loved you just t hesame. And you flew out to see me again, were we gonna be lovers? Or just be friends? And I remember walking around Central Park, a couple glasses of wine before it got dark. It was after dinner that I kissed you again, and I still know now, what I knew back then, that I love you just the same. And you escaped to be with me, you were so young and I was so naive. And the plan was to take our time, but then everything changed and we jumped in blind. And I remember these beautiful times, we were young and in love and we felt so alive, and I love you just the same. When you’d come home drunk, and you could barely stand, and I’d strip your clothes off, and I’d hold your hand. Then I’d walk you to bed, cuz you could barely see, and we’d lie down, til you fell asleep, and I love you just the same. And the hardest part is your broken past, and it breaks my heart for the shadow it cast. And I’d kill em if I could if you’d just say the word, but would that be enough for all the pain and hurt? And I wonder if there’s anything I can do or say, but sometimes what’s done cannot be changed, but I love you just the same. I lie in bed and I can’t stop my mind from thinking of us and what we left behind. But I know there’s nothing that we can do, until you forgive me and I forgive you. But all I want is you to change your mind, and we could start again, maybe with a little time? We could love each other just the same. We could love each other just the same.