05 - Better Now

You have a gift of signs, interlock your hand in mine, you always know I’m angry for a reason. Your touch helps me settle down, we break it apart then we turn it around, with you on my side, I can see it in a new light. Don’t wanna hear about the superficial bullet points, shoot from the hip and give me something more than highlights. Focus in on every little lovely mannerism (better now that we’re together). Every precious gift I give to you down on my knees, empathy is not a necklace bought at Tiffany’s. I love you deeper than I ever thought I could believe (better now that we’re together). Modern love’s a mystery, like children come with simplicity. I know you, you know me, we know it’s right. My waking dream came true, the moment wrapped in déjà vu, with you by my side, I can see it in a new light. I’m folding into you, crying, you folded into me, darling I said. I’ve had enough of lonely life, and I wanna be the rock I promised to be. You’re reaching down to me and I’m praying unto thee.