03 - How Bout It

The war imagined got behind the blind enlisted. They laid their hands on me, spoke in tongues cuz I insisted. The bottom dropped out and no one else here but me could fix it. I cast the die, cash on the line and I landed on the sixes. How bout it? The thrill of my victory should’ve made me more suspicious. And the carrot that they hung in front of my face never looked so delicious. All my better angels will no longer speak my name. And the other wolves stand beside me, are sure to do the same. How bout it? Now I’m out of luck and making promises I know that I can’t keep. And the chicken skin, head to the ATM, they won’t get the best of me. I hit 4-5-6, take the money gotta go, got another important place to be. I took a brick to the back of the head, they said, “Welcome to Vegas baby” How bout it?