09 - Bleeding Bells

there's no place to lay my dead, when I can't stand to wake, the growth I need is fettered to fear, my heels dug in my place, keep your heart, clasped into your hands, your family just, knows half of where you've been, the indian summer is better than nothing, it burns the sun in my skin, bleeding bells of inner guilt, salvation razor thin, I say to myself, you don't need anyone, this world is fucked, just as you have become, I stand as a man who's seen many things, my youth has made me strong, I see the fraud of the words I have said, got nothing for anyone, the words that I speak, are like that clinging bell, the songs that I sing, has been poisoning your well, hands in my pockets, and down on my knees, I beg for will to change, I've spun around from the wheel that I'm in, in one week I'll be the same.ill to change

I've spun around from the wheel that I spin

In one week I'll be the same