10 - St. Francis

They're all throwing stones at the back of my home, kicking the dirt in the air, I left to think, while they're thinking I'm stoned, I had no cause to be there. I left this town while I had something left, to bury the fear in my head, it's all just the same because the city's just as bad, it's full of people like me. We've all run away, everyone wants, what nobody needs, silver and gold, everyone wants, what nobody needs. I ran to the woods and I preached to the birds, St. Francis talking to me, he said I'd find love through the pain I'd endure, if I would just listen to him. With my ear to the ground and my heart full of lead, I quietly listened to teach, with tears in his eyes he just looked straight through me, I awkwardly waited for speech. Once I was sure that this love was the truth, I quickly spit in his face, I returned to my home, friends and I, we threw stones, bragging that we knew the way.