03 - Salt in the Wound

I want to disappear far from the folks I know, I want to get an answer for why I was even born. No one here can tell me what's been haunting me all my life, this rat race has left me limping as I balance on the edge of a knife. Why am I here? Or what should I do? Is this a point I'm trying to prove? If there's a god in my head, then there's a devil too, how can I tell the difference when they both claim to be true. Maybe god is god, maybe the devil is me, I'll just throw my chains on and tell myself that I'm free. The chains, are they really there? Is this just in my head? I'll just stay in bed. Life sure has its meaning, for years I have postured the sun, but thieves and preachers robbed me from any hat that I've hung. Now with my heart wide open, I listen to the wind just for a word, sure I know its futile but that's all I have in this world. To look down from the hill and howl at the moon, all the tears I've cried never salted any wound. The earth is so tender and cruel, if you're not there it's still so beautiful.